Who We Are

We are a small company and family business focused on engineering, software development, and implementation of emerging technologies. Our two websites are HarvestDataWarehouse.com and SolarDataWarehouse.com. Over the last 20 years, we have completed a wide variety of development projects for both large and small companies. Our principals hold advanced degrees in Engineering and one holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. Each year billions of dollars of products are sold worldwide which incorporate our patents or product concept work.

We have 25 years combined experience developing machinery and 25 years combined experience in artificial intelligence models of big data, developing custom software applications for phones, handhelds, pcs, websites, and data collection tools.

What We Do

Each week we collect large amounts of data from dozens of different sources. The data consists primarily of solar radiation and crop yield information. We use a variety of techniques from computer automation to a live person collecting the data and cleaning it. The data is processed and quality controlled, then made available on our websites. Our datasets are unique in both their quality and quantity.

We have worked with massive, noisy datasets and extracted simple statistical models. In one case, we completed the job where two larger companies had failed and given up. Our method: artifical intelligence and modeling techniques can never replace hard work and common sense. In a simpler example, we helped create an excel spreadsheet to schedule a fortune 100 company's assembly line.

We have developed a number of protoypes including: the first John Deere Gator™, the tine-separator technology used in the majority of combine harvesters today (name is on the patent), and the business case and technology plan for a wireless network linking a fortune 100 company's vehicles to the internet. We enjoy creating fully functional prototypes of both mechanical and software systems.